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The Latin American Center for Reformed Studies (“CLER” for its initials in Spanish) is an educational institution for graduate studies that seeks to teach, research, safeguard, and promote sound bible-based Christian doctrine. In all its academic undertakings CLER will abide by the following principles: (a) Faithfulness to Sacred Scripture as the rule of faith and conduct; (b) A commitment to the major Confessions of Faith of the Reformed Churches from the 16th and 17th centuries (the Westminster Standards; the Three Forms of Unity of the Reformed Churches; the 1689 London Baptist Confession; The Savoy Declaration; The Thirty Nine Articles); (c) The freedom to learn, teach, research and promote theological scholarship; (d) High standards of spirituality and quality in the teaching endeavor; (e) A theological education that is relevant to both ministry and missions in the church.


CLER’s main aim is to train pastors, seminary lecturers and other Christian workers for the various teaching roles in the church and in theological institutions. Such training is founded upon the biblical-reformed tradition. Furthermore, CLER seeks to serve anyone who aims to be equipped for specialized ministries in order to serve the body of Christ.


CLER is committed to reformed theology as it is affirmed and expressed int the Confessions of Faith of the Reformed Churches. CLER’s syllabus aims to serve and expand the Kingdom of God by the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by a holistic approach to the development of the students such that they may be a blessing for the church of Christ. CLER is a center for the teaching of theology whose educational philosophy is to promote, defend and guard the following: (a) a theological education based on the Bible as God’s infallible and authoritative revelation; (b) a theological education which is part of God’s mission (missio Dei) and therefore supports the local church in the task of the Great Commission; (c) a theological education that shares the same goals as the local church; (d) a theological education that equips and strengthens the Lord’s church; (e) a theological education that trains individuals for solid and faithful preaching; (f) a theological education that engages with the surrounding culture; (g) a theological education that is discharged in a godly environment.


CLER seeks to, (a) to bolster a reformed identity in Chile and the rest of Latin America; (b) to be an institution at the service of the local churches in Chile and other countries in Latin America; (c) to ensure the theological and spiritual integrity of its faculty and students (d) to challenge students to an ongoing learning process; (e) to sign cooperation agreements with churches and other theological institutions; (f) to train and enable students for faithful preaching of the Word of God, with a context-sensitive message (g) to provide students with a framework for theological study that stems from a biblical-reformed worldview; (h) to provide tools for the manifold ministries in the church which are appropriate to the context and useful for ministry development (j) to support other seminaries by providing lecturers with postgraduate (studies Master’s degrees and Doctoral degrees) and by aiding the work of lay people in the church. (j) to encourage denominations through their pastors, leaders and professionals as they serve in the ministry of the local church and related institutions.