Coffee Setup and Serving Volunteers!

When you sign up, here’s what to expect:

Bring the snack (store bought or homemade) and 2 – 4 liters of bottled water.

Items can be found in the two bodegas.  The code to open the locks is 3751

Refer to the photos for item placement.

Before the service:

1. Bring over and set up the two long tables and put on the tablecloths.

2. Take the large silver water urns to the kitchen. Fill with water to about halfway point or a little more.

3. Plug in the extension cord (there is only one outlet in the fellowship hall) and then plug in the hot water urns to the extension cord.

4. Make SURE the heat dial is set exactly to 90c  (not above).

5. Set out cups, lids, stirring sticks, creamer, small glass garbage container, sweeteners and napkins

6. Before the last song starts (at the end of the service) go and set out the snacks, lemonade (or Tang) mix, hot chocolate, coffee, tea and water bottles.

7. Greet people warmly as they arrive.

8. Keep an eye on what needs to be refilled or thrown out (such as empty cans). Restock the table as necessary.


AT 11:30

1. Quickly put away all drink mixes, then all the other items.

2. Wipe down tablecloths.

3. Fold up rectangle tables and put them back.

4. Fold up round tables


**Don’t worry, there will be a list of step-by-step instructions including photos posted in the bodegas where the supplies are kept and we will come alongside the volunteers until everyone knows what to do!**

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