Open to ages 12 and up. Looking for 1 volunteer per week. Be attentive in the foyer from 9:15 to 9:45 am.

For every greeter!
Please arrive by no later than 9:15.
Prepare the bulletins and bibles on the small table by the door.
Open just the one door as the other door “sticks,” and welcome people as they come through.
The street is quite noisy so once the service starts please close the door.
When someone approaches open the door to welcome them in but then close it again.
Once the flow of people arriving slows down (usually 15 minutes after the service starts) you may join the service.  Please make sure the table has bulletins and bibles for those that might arrive very late. Make sure the “bulletin recycle box” and the empty Bible totes are ready for the end of service.
At the end of the service put everything away (Bibles go in the totes under the stairway, leftover bulletins go in the recycle box). Make sure all Bibles and bulletins are cleaned up from the sanctuary.
Thank you for your service to San Marcos!

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