If you’ve landed here, you’ve found the resource room for Sunday School Volunteers.  This is your page to provide quick links to what you need to prepare for Sunday School service…so if something’s missing, please let Nate Pugh know what you need!



Curriculum Files for Small Group Leaders/Helpers:


What you need to know:  We are using box.net to host our files.  The icon to the left links to our teacher curriculum portal which provides curricula files by week to help you to use in your small group preparations.

Here’s how the folders are organized.  Small Group leaders only need to actually download the leader guide and age appropriate materials found in the particular session folders (in blue bold underlined text below):

  • Home folder:
    • Loose File:
      • The Gospel Plan.pdf
    • Unit folder(s)
  • ==>Unit Folders
    • Loose Files:
      • Journal Pages:  These pages are for use throughout the unit
      • Key Passage:  This document has the key passage for younger/older kids and for preschool kids
      • Video Overview:  A short video clip that gives an overview for the entire unit.
    • Session Folders
  • =====>Session Folders
    • Loose Files:
      • Big Picture Questions: Pages 1-2 are the Younger/Older kids question; pages 3-4 are the PreSchool question
      • Leader Bible Study:  An overview of the lesson for adults
    • Video Folder
      • Bible Story Video:  A hosted video that gives the bible story lesson
      • Discussion Starter Video:  A quirky video that can help jump-start discussions
    • Age Group Folders (“Older Kids”, “PreSchool”, and “Younger Kids”)
      • Leader Guide: Provides step-by-step plan for the lesson.
      • Age appropriate materials:  These materials are referenced in the leader guide.
    • Editable Leader Guides Folder
      • RTF (text) files with the text from the leader guides.  You can open these files in Word or any other text editor and create your own modified lesson plan
    • NEW:  2-minute Leader Prep Videos!  Click here to watch the 2-minute lesson prep video for leaders to gain context for the lesson.



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