Opportunities for Service in the Sunday School Program!

The Sunday School program offers great opportunities to serve God and serve families.  The Gospel Project curricula allows for a variety of ways you can serve.  If you would like an opportunity to serve in any of the descriptions below, you may contact Nate Pugh to reserve your service spot today!

›Large Group Leader:  Do you like skits, large groups, and influencing lots of kids?  The Large Group is where students are introduced to the major themes and bible stories for the week.  In the Large Group, students will be introduced to the major themes of the unit and session through Gospel Project video clips, skits, and other activities.  Large Group Leaders use the provided multimedia material and simple to plan/implement skits and activities to lay the foundation for students learning for the day.

›Small Group Leader/Helper:  Do you have a heart for connecting with kids and diving deep into life lessons?  The Small Group is where students discuss and internalize the weekly lesson, and classes are divided by school grade (Pre-K to 1st, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th-8th).  Small Group Leaders use the low-preparation, easy to follow Gospel Project curricula to teach and reinforce the weekly lesson with their group.  Small Group Helpers assist the leader in class activities and interaction with the students.  Here is a link to a  short video giving an overview of the small group time for younger kids (grades Pre-K through 3rd) and small group time for older kids (grades 4th through 8th).

›Substitute Teacher:  Do you love kids and want to serve on an infrequent basis?  There will be times when our teachers are not able to teach class due to unexpected schedule conflicts.  You can join the cadre of dedicated volunteers who would be available to fill in as a small group leader on fairly short notice.

›Tech Crew:  Are you technically oriented?  The Gospel Project uses computer presentation software and video clips in the large-group session to help present the major themes to our kids.  If you are a computer and A/V-savvy individual, this could be the job for you!  Our Tech Crew sets up the computer and A/V equipment each Sunday, runs the multimedia presentation, then puts everything back in its place at the end of the session.  This position does not require you to be involved with the teaching.

›Set-up/Cleanup Support:  Want to serve kids and still attend the church service?  Sunday School takes place during the church service, and we only have a limited amount of time to accomplish a lot of teaching.  Our Set-up/Cleanup Support volunteers help open up all the classrooms and help prepare the large-group room for Sunday School before the kids arrive.  After church, our volunteers will lock everything back up and perform some light cleanup duty to ensure we leave our area ready for other church groups to use. This position allows you to attend the regular church service and still serve families through the Sunday School program!

›Multimedia Creator:  Do you like to serve God through the use of multimedia?  If you like to take pictures, make movies and slideshows, and work with Facebook, you could serve as a Multimedia Creator.  As Multimedia Creator, you would occasionally attend Sunday School in order to take photos and videos.  Then, you would post photos and videos online and also use them to present to the church.  You would also update the Sunday School Facebook page with pre-made Facebook posts from the Gospel Project curricula to help keep parents informed and involved in the learning process.



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