Located in La Pintana in the south of Santiago, is a halfway home designed to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support for the girls as they leave the orphanage. In this nurturing, sheltering environment, the young women will be able to make the transition to adulthood and independence with a loving, caring staff walking alongside them every step of the way. Many of these precious girls are still recovering from their earlier traumatic life experiences. Ongoing support, counsel and discipleship are vital as they move toward independence, acquire job skills, or pursue higher education.

At House of Hope they will receive compassionate guidance and assistance as they work toward a personal wholeness that will allow them to build healthy marriages and families of their own some day. Beyond these critical needs, it is our long-term vision that these girls will one day take up the torch as advocates and mentors for the next generation of Chilean children living in crippling poverty, abuse and neglect. As we invest in their lives, they learn to invest in the lives of others.

The House of Hope is part of a bigger foundation, Vision for Children. VFC is ministering to over 900 children from three schools and two hogars on a daily basis in the same area as the House of Hope. Also, VFC ministers to the young men from the area.

The pictures below are from the March 2017 “Service Day” in which volunteers provided basic maintenance and cleanup to House of Hope. Also donated were enough spaghetti pies and side dishes to feed 89 people from the community!